Turbo Repair

Turbo Repairs 

Don’t wait a week or more to have your turbo looked at it – we will pull it down and assess it the day we receive it!

Our turbo repair workshop is equipped to repair turbos factory fitted to petrol and diesel passenger cars and 4WD, agricultural, off-highway machinery, heavy vehicle, marine and mining.

We can organise our couriers to pick up and deliver to your door - saving you time and hassle!

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Turbo Repair

What happens when we repair your turbo?

  • When we receive your turbo in for repair it will go through our rebuild procedure as follows:

    • Strip and cleaning of individual parts
    • Assess parts for wear, test actuator (if internally gated)
    • Quote on repair – our quote service is free and there is no obligation to proceed with the job, however we can not re-assemble a turbocharger that is faulty or damaged due to warranty.

    With all repairs carried out in our turbo workshop the turbine wheel and shaft is balanced using our Heinz and Redat turbo balancers. This is a critical part of the repair process to eliminate shaft motion and minimise any potential noise.

    Once we have your go ahead on quotation, parts quoted for replacement are fitted during turbo assembly as per manufacturers specifications and rotors are balanced.


    Our workmanship is backed by 12 months warranty and after sales service. We would always be happy to look at your turbo even if it was out of the warranty period.

    NOTE: We only use GENUINE parts in your turbo which ensures it is rebuilt to manufacturers specifications and ensures the quality you pay for.


    As a general rule GENUINE turbos don’t just fail, foreign objects, faulty or split intercooler or intercooler hose and engine related conditions are the main contributors to a turbo failing prematurely. We would always try and get to the bottom of why your turbo has failed before supplying a new one or refitting a repaired one. A lot of times turbos are replaced unneccessarily