Why do I need a Genuine Turbo?

Why spend the extra money when they look the same?

Non- genuine or counterfeit turbos are often sold to the vehicle owner using terms that skirt around the issue such as:

“replacement turbo for original” or “built same as genuine” 

These dangerous copy turbos are quiet deceiving, they can look almost identical to the GENUINE product – in some cases even using the manufacturer’s logo.



The biggest risks of buying a copy or counterfeit turbocharger and not the genuine article are:

  • Downtime – saving dollars initially may be irrelevant after your less reliable non-genuine turbo fails or causes engine damage – We have seen this happen!
  • Engine Damage – Counterfeit on non-genuine turbos can EXPLODE into pieces and unlike genuine turbochargers the pieces are not contained by the housings. This causes considerable damage to not only the turbo itself  but the engine and possibly yourself.
  • Decreased Fuel Efficiency
  • Less Power
Counterfeit and copy turbochargers are predominately manufactured in China, although some of these companies will claim to be from another country (e.g. Japan) to fool the customer. Cost can be indicator however the genuine aftermarket is becoming more competitive in order to address the market demand for more competitive pricing.Other indicators can be casting errors (e.g. incorrect spelling of Garrett, Borg Warner etc), inferior quality components (e.g. incorrect grade of turbine bolts, incorrect shaft nut etc), and finish of the castings and actuator.
Keep in mind that the Tier 1 turbo manufacturers have multiple production facilities all over the world, including China, India and Korea, however whether the turbo is produced in Korea or Germany the manufacture is carried out at the same standards and must pass the same quality control checks.What Honeywell Garrett say about copy turbos:
Copy turbos, you are paying more for less http://www.garrettbulletin.com/assets/Garrett_Eng_Mech_072309.pdf.


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