VNT Turbo Repair

VNT Turbo Repair

2 turbos came in today, both had failed on a Hino J08E 500 Series Truck.

Upon inspection it became obvious that the turbocharger had been repaired (which had been carried out as an unauthorised repair of a Garrett VNT Turbocharger using non-genuine  components);We do not repair VNT turbochargers in our workshop, Garrett Turbo have a strict non repair policy on all of their VNT turbos and as a distributor of their turbos we are not authorised to repair.

Genuine replacement parts for Garrett VNT turbochargers are not available and therefore a GENUINE authorised repair can not be carried out.

These pics show the cause of failure

VNT Turbo Repair #1

  • vnt turbo repair
    Garrett VNT Turbo Parts for Hino
  • Blasted the journal on shaft
    Damaged turbine wheel due to excessive bearing wear

The journals on the shaft assembly had been blasted – which caused excessive bearing wear

VNT Turbo Repair #2

  • attempted vnt turbo repair
    Garrett VNT Turbo repair gone wrong
  • vnt turbo repair gone wrong
    Turbo backplate bolt came loose and jammed the back of the compressor wheel

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