Nissan Patrol ZD30 ETi Turbo Service Bulletin

Nissan Patrol ZD30ETi


PART NO: 724639-5006 / 724639-0006 / 724639-5006S

OEM PART NO: 14411-VC100 / 14411-VC200 / 14411-2X900 / 14411-2X90A / 14411-VB100

Before replacement of this turbocharger the following information should be taken into consideration

Turbocharger failures are generally the result of external influences and there have been instances of recurring turbocharger failures for this application. In some circumstances the turbocharger can overspeed and cause excessive boost (or a boost spike), and the vehicle will temporarily go into limp home mode. The overspeed of the turbocharger can be caused by, but not limited to a low signal voltage from the air flow sensor.

It is recommended to insure that the air mass voltage is checked and is within the manufacturers’ specification. If the air mass sensor is not operating correctly and the vehicle continues to be driven, it can cause premature turbocharger failure.

The engines lubrication and engine management system must also be checked to eliminate further possible causes of recurring turbocharger failure. If the initial turbocharger failure is unknown it should be assessed by a turbocharger technician prior to fitment of the replacement unit.

As the above failures are caused by external factors outside of the manufacturer or suppliers control, any failures resulting from the above conditions will not be considered for warranty.

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