How to time a VE Style fuel pump

Timing a VE Style Fuel Pump

The following instructions are compiled from the YouTube Video below instructing on how to time a VE style fuel pump.


Topics Covered

  1. Introduction of Scott Wood – Director at Denco Diesel + Turbo
  2. Safety Checks and Degree of Difficulty
  3. Introduction of VE Style Pump and Vehicle
  4. Pump Variations – Explanation of TDC, ATDC, BTDC, ACSD
  5. Tools Required
  6. Specific Timing Specifications for common vehicles
  7. Installing the Dial Gauge and Timing Bracket

DISCLAIMER: If you are to adjust the timing on a vehicle’s pump you are doing so at your own risk. Denco Diesel and Turbo take no responsibility for your actions and suggest that you take all necessary safety precautions to ensure the safety of yourself , those around you and the vehicle.

  1. Denco Staff Member:    Scott Wood

Diesel fuel injection specialist Scott Wood Denco Diesel Introducing Scott Wood, National Service Manager and Director at Denco Diesel and Turbo Scott has over 25 years experience in diesel fuel injection and is a factory trained technician as well as one of the directors of Denco Diesel and Turbo.

  1. Vehicle Safety Checks

General Safety checks should be carried out prior to attempting to time a vehicle. Safety checks such as:

  • Ensuring the vehicle has been turned off
  • The vehicle has been secured with chocks
  • Keys are removed from the ignition and that the vehicle is in neutral with the handbrake on.

Safety checks on vehicle

 Introduction of VE Style Fuel Pumps   VE Style Fuel pumps are commonly fitted to the following vehicles (pre common rail):

  • Ford Courier
  • Mitsubishi Triton
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Toyota Landcruiser
  • Nissan Patrol
  • Early Nissan Navara
  • Mazda Bravo

Pictured Below: Fuel Pump to suit Toyota HZ Landcruiser

  1. Pump variations

Within your manufacturers manual you will find specific timing specifications for your vehicle. We also list common timing specifications below. Depending on the variation of your pump, your specifications will be given for TDC, ATDC and BTDC.       

TDC = Top Dead Centre        ATDC = After Top Dead Centre        BTDC = Before top dead centre        ACSD = Automatic Cold Start Device – Requires 8mm Spacer for timing

Put a metal plate (thickness of approx. 8mm) between the cold starting lever and thermo wax plunger


To release ACSD advance: Using a screwdriver, turn the cold starting lever counterclockwise approx. 20° Put a metal plate (thickness of approx. 8mm) between the cold starting lever and thermo wax plunger. Specialised Tools Required   Timing Tool Bracket

NOTE: Use this tool along with a dial gauge (available at any auto shop) to assist you in timing your VE Style fuel pump, Dial gauge must have minimum 5mm travel.

95095-10400 Timing Tool Bracket    Available for purchase here              







  1. Specific Timing Specifications


Toyota Hilux L                                2.2ltr                       0.94-1.06mm @ TDC

Toyota Hilux 2L                              2.4ltr                       1.06-1.22mm @ TDC

Toyota Hilux 3L                              2.8ltr                       0.86-0.94mm @ TDC

Toyota Hilux 5L                              3.0ltr                       0.64-0.76mm @ TDC

Toyota Dyna                                  B                           0.54-0.66 with ACSD with 8mm spacer 0.94-0.96 no ACSD @ TDC

Toyota Dyna                                  3B                          1.23-1.29mm @ TDC

Toyota Dyna                                  14B                         1.31-1.37mm @ TDC

Toyota Dyna                                  15BS                       0.67-0.73mm @ TDC

Toyota Dyna                                  15BFT                      0.87-0.93mm @ TDC

Toyota HZ Landcruiser                      75/80 Series              1.03-1.09mm @ TDC

Toyota HZ Landcruiser                       100 Series                 0.85-0.91mm @ TDC

Toyota HZ Landcruiser                      100 Series ACSD         0.65-0.71mm ACSD, 8mm spacer @ TDC

Toyota 1PZ                                    5cyl                        0.82-0.88mm @ TDC

Toyota 1HDT                                  Factory Turbo             1.29-1.35mm ACSD with 8mm spacer @ TDC

Toyota 1HDFT                                4 Valve Factory Turbo   1.37-1.43mm @ TDC


Nissan Navara                                SD22                                0.94 @ TDC

Nissan Navara                                SD25                                0.89 @ TDC

Nissan Navara                                SD33

Nissan Navara                                QD32                                0.47 @ TDC

Nissan Navara                                TD27 D21 Model          0.49 @ TDC

Nissan Navara                                TD27 Other models                0.65 @ TDC

Nissan Navara                                TD27T Turbo                       0.59 @ TDC

Nissan Patrol                                 TD42 Early                         0.74 @ TDC

Nissan Patrol                                 TD42 Late                          0.70 @ TDC

Nissan Patrol                                 TD42T Turbo                       0.46 @ TDC

Nissan Patrol                                 TD42TI Turbo Intercooled GU   0.58 @ TDC

Nissan Patrol                                 RD28 Turbo GQ          0.86 @ TDC

Nissan Patrol                                 RD28TI Turbo Intercooled GU    0.91 @ Second mark 1.35 @ Second mark with dimple advance plate


Ford Courier                                  WLT                                 1mm Second mark

Ford F250                                    6 Cyl                                 1.50mm @ TDC


Mazda                                         WLT                                 1mm Second mark

Mazda                                         RF                                   1mm @ TDC

Mazda                                         SL                                    1mm @ 8° BTDC


Mitsubishi Triton                             4D56                                7° ATDC 1mm

Mitsubishi Triton                              4D56T                               9° ATDC 1mm

Mitsubishi Triton                              4D55T                               7° ATDC 1mm

Mitsubishi Triton                              Turbo                                9° ATDC 1mm

Mitsubishi Triton                              4M40                               5° ATDC 1mm

Mitsubishi Pajero                            Turbo without EGR                7° ATDC 1mm

Mitsubishi Pajero                             Turbo with EGR                    9° ATDC 1mm

Please Note: The above timing specifications for common vehicles are given as a guide only. You should always check with your manufacturer to ensure you have the correct specification.

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