Denco Diesel & Turbo takes out Bosch Oceania Award

Denco Diesel & Turbo takes out Bosch Oceania Award
In recognition for excellence, the team at Denco Diesel & Turbo have taken out the 2014 Excellence Award for
Wagga Wagga, NSW, 6 July 2015 – Denco Diesel & Turbo have won the 2014 Excellence Award for NSW and
The award was presented at the Bosch Service Network convention at Manly on Saturday 6th June 2015 by
Stuart Howe, Regional Workshop Concept Manager for Oceania Automotive Aftermarket.
This is the first time Denco Diesel & Turbo have received both the state and oceania awards.
“There is a lot that goes on behind the doors to ensure that we continually deliver on our promise to provide
excellent service to our customers each and every time. Our repair staff are committed undertake training and
then delivering that expertise on each repair. Our support staff strives to deliver the best customer
experience. Our modern workshop utilises the latest equipment which is regularly audited by the
manufacturers. The very best quality genuine product goes into each repair. So its fantastic to have that
behind the scenes commitment recognised by Bosch with the 2014 Bosch Excellence Award.” said Scott Wood
Service Manager, Denco Diesel and Turbo.
It is important to note that other dealers in the network are required to nominate businesses to be considered
for the award, a feat that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Denco Diesel and Turbo. “Our customers demand the
best, and I think this award acknowledges our commitment to delivering the best quality product to them.”
Dench Diesel and Turbo also received 100% in their recent audit.

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